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Sichuan Kindia May Science and Tech Co.,Ltd was founded in November 2007.The company is located in the famous city of Chinese mineral water-shigu town industrial park,Shifang city,Sichuan province.The factory is only 10 km away from the downtown,8 km away from the railway station,which brings superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.

Our company has a high-quality,strong development ability,rich experience in production team.We mainly produce and operate food additives products,products including Food Grade Sodium Phosphates,Food Grade Potassium Phosphates,and Compound Phosphates.Compound Phosphates are divided into Seafood Additive,Meat Conditioner and Wheat Flour Food Quality Improver.

In addition to the domestic market,our products are also exported to the United States,Canada,Japan,Germany,Italy,Poland,Thailand,Australia,Mexico,Brazil,the United Arab Emirates,and so on.Sichuan Kindia May Science and Tech Co.,Ltd warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to establish a permanent,sincere,and mutual beneficial cooperation with our company.

Marketing Network

As early as 1975,Japanese companies began to look for a global trading partner,to establish marketing networks.Japanese companies has always been to China as a production base for the characteristics of each country to adapt to national needs of product development,development of export trade,has made huge profits.Also by the United States and some other countries of discontent and resistance,coupled with appreciation of the yen brought about a decline in exports,forcing Japanese companies to go abroad to invest and build factories around the world,to establish marketing networks.In recent years,Japanese companies billions of dollars a year the rate of exporting capital,set up their own marketing network.Go abroad to find trading partners,go international,group road,is 90 years of corporate marketing development of another new trend.

Commodity circulation function workers to produce something to bring it up sales,sales must be set to point(shop),point of sale of large,by extension,of the thin,criss-cross,then into network-like,the only way to achieve sufficient market account rates,thereby increasing market share.Therefore,network marketing,it is clear that the circulation of commodities.Companies own or through sales agents network layers of the product delivered,the last terminal in the network to complete the sale,from the formation of capital flow and logistics,corporate profits and consequent continued vitality.Therefore,the marketing network is primarily achannel,a realization of capital flow and logistics continue to convection so that enterprises are to survive and develop the power of thechannels.

Marketing and image transmission function

With the gradual deepening of the market economy development,awareness of corporate marketing,network marketing has also been given important functions.In a strong marketing campaign to advertise the same time,can not forget to enhance corporate image and reputation in the local.It is only with the traditional network marketing distribution channels compared to the concept a big step forward.Some companies can even build their own marketing network,and create the market,before the construction of the factory.Such as Guangdong in 1992,TCL Group to enter the TV market,the TV did not have their own base,but they advocateplanned marketingconcept,build strong marketing network in the country,not to find someone on behalf of the processing plant,he just relying on the network around a strong marketing promotion,strong sales.Miraculously within five years among the top three in China's color TV industry,the list has become a modern marketingthere is a market,recycling factoryan exemplary model.

Information collection function

Corporate decision-making behavior is not made out of thin air the feel,but from a large number of information collection,grouped on the basis of understanding and analysis.In addition to major decision-making behavior need professional survey company participation,the large number of companies still rely on the decision-making power to collect information.Li peripheral network closest to the market as consumer opinions,attitudes and even the dealer's competitors in the market are sensitive to the company,the information must be accurate knowledge can be targeted to make the right decisions to guide enterprises to take corresponding action in the competition to win.Therefore,the flow of information within the network flow is very important.Enterprises must strengthen the system management and comprehensive training,and vigorously to ensure the flow of network information flow and how fast to play the network's potential in this regard.

Network compatibility

Network compatibility,that companies achieve sales,based on a product that can constantly adapt to the business development,new product development needs,quickly and effectively improve sales force another category of products to the market fast attack and increase market share rate.Of course,the network must also pay attention to the compatibility of their products before the image of the position,try to reduce the negative impact of such a position,and between different products to achieve the same effect against the background of each network in order to effectively conserve corporate resources.Domestic appliance companies built the largest and most delicate marketing network of TCL Group,the existing color TV,VCD,home theater and other products based on,is preparing to launch its own DVD,cordless phone and computer products.If their network compatibility advantages,then these products in the country's rapid increase is entirely possible.Now they have begun to address this problem,proposed anetwork of airports,the construction of strategic vision,and strive to improve network compatibility,rapid increase of new products in the market share.

Attract talent

Huge marketing network as large roots,where it's tentacles will greatly establish enterprises in the local image,the same as the absorbed moisture to absorb the local talent.This is thelocal talentmanagement requirements of the principle is rooted in the local network to continue to develop and prosperity lies.This requires the person in charge of the regional network should not only go all out to sell products,but also to focus on the internal network units in the local management and image building,improve the network's spiritual tension,and vigorously to attract highly qualified elite,and strengthen its business loyalty and improve operational performance and the network level.

Provide fast,warmth Service

In the increasingly fierce market conditions for consumers,provide warmth,thoughtful,careful but efficient service has become more and more enterprises consensus.Home TV production companies or even simply hitches a rideservice marketingbanner,network services all over the building to enable the rapid increases in these areas is possible,a large network can provide consumers with a smile face to face care,so that consumption by a feeling of power and,thus,extremely reliable.Of course,this expansion of the network must control the middle-adegree,to avoid blind expansion and extension of the phenomenon due to inefficient operations.In summary,the current construction of a number of corporate marketing network marketing network has been far beyond the scope of the concept,it has a complex function of the network unit must establish a long-term business vision,and integrate into the local social and economic life,in the sales products,while continuing to spread the corporate culture and values.So,the construction of marketing network will eventually become the cornerstone of Wing Lap does not fall,the company's most valuable living resources.

Scientific Research Cooperation

Our company is seeking for cooperation opportunities with scientific research institutions,universities,and colleges to develop high-quality phosphate products and the win-win situation.

Organizational Structure

Zhong Zheng Lin


The new and old customers,Internet users:

How are you!I hereby on behalf of Sichuan Kindia May Science and Tech Co.,Ltd to extend our warm welcome and sincere greetings to the new and old customers and internet users who are visiting the company website,and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community and colleagues that give us support and concern.

It’s been 10 years since our company was founded,under the concern and support of leaders of all levels,the community,and the new and old customers,our company has grown in strength and owned a high-quality,strong development ability,rich experience in production team.We specialize in the production and operation of Food Grade Sodium Phosphates,Food Grade Potassium Phosphates,Compound Phosphates,and other 36 specifications products.The production base covers an area of about 30000 square meters,with a total investment of more than ninety million Yuan.The factory has modern production equipment and advanced detection means,the annual production capacity reaches to 50000 tons.

In the fierce market competition,we are faced with serious challenges,with our strong national sense of responsibility and spirit and our adherence to the combination of inheritance and innovation,we will continue to provide safe and reliable Phosphate food additives to the market and make a greater contribution to the development of modern food industry.We have confidence that our company will become a well-known company in the Phosphate food additives industry.We will be brave,tenaciously struggle,continuously innovate and develop,in order to make progress and to achieve our ambitious goal.We are also very clear that it is a long road,and we are just at the beginning.We will serve the majority of users and dealers with more enthusiasm,and also we hope to get your support as always.Today,the Sichuan Kindia May Science and Tech Co.,Ltd,with its high quality service and high-end products,will go hand in hand with respectful customers and dear friends to develop the company and create a brilliant future.

On the road,we face a broad market!

On the road,we innovate,research,and develop for the purpose of creating high quality products with our moral standing!

On the road,we face the opportunity of common development and success!

On the road,we continue to harvest and grow!

On the way,we share each other's thoughts and gains!

We go all the way from 10 years ago,with the desire to succeed,with the desire for passion,with the passion of reason,with a rational emotion,with the concept ofto create a win-win development and situation,Kindia May take food safety as our own responsibility and take customers’satisfaction as the ultimate goal.We will provide you high quality products and the most personalized premium service.Let Kindia May’s high-end quality products and sincere service set up a bridge of our cooperation,let our cooperation more closely,broader,more long!

The new and old customers,Internet users,with the rapid development of China's food industry,Sichuan Kindia May Science and Tech Co.,Ltd is in a fast development period,the company’s website is also continuously developed and improved.I hope you can pay attention to our website regularly for learning more about our company,for strengthening the mutual communication,and for promoting each other's cooperation through the website.We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to establish a permanent,sincere,and mutual beneficial cooperation with our company,and let us create brilliant future together.

I wish the new and old customers,dear friends a good health,a successful career!Let’s work together for a win-win situation and a better tomorrow!

Chairman(President):Zhongzheng Lin



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